Saturday, May 17, 2008

My smoker soapbox.

When we moved into our comfy duplex we are renting it was a miracle! But little did I know that I would be blessed with smokers for neighbors. I've gotten to know some of them and they are all good, kind people. But we have been presented with challenges recently on the smoking issue. Please don't take this wrong. I love the people for who they are, and their habit does not change who they are or the good they do. But I cannot STAND the smell of cigarette smoke. It turns out that every single one of my neighbors smoke. We live on a corner, and there are all duplexes around us. So within 20 feet our home shares the backyard fence of five neighbors. I've determined to ask kindly if they would all use their front porches, thus making the smoke that much farther away. But truly, it will be a miracle if they all do. But....I am confident that Heavenly Father will provide a way. He can make all things possible.