Sunday, April 20, 2008

Your personal missionary assignment.

My calling in my ward is RS Visiting Teaching Coordinator. I have to admit that I have never been perfect at visiting teaching, and still struggle to this day. And there have definitely been periods of my life when I was not consistent at all. But, slowly over the years as I have tried to be obedient I have gained a testimony of this important calling. I don't believe visiting teaching has been or ever will be easy...for anybody. What selfless calling which requires you to inconveniently and unnaturally get to know people you might otherwise never get to know is easy? I have come to learn how hard it is to keep everyone happy in the ward. It seems like so many want a companionship change, or a different sister to visit, or the ideal circumstances. But the truth is, your Relief Society President and those that are working to make the program work truly pray and ponder about each assignment. And there is soooooo much work to do! So many sisters are inactive or struggle for one reason or another. Which one of us doesn't struggle. Bottom line, I know you will be blessed for doing your visiting teaching! I know those you visit teach will be blessed. And I know this is an inspired program of the church. So next time you go to complain about visiting teaching, just stop and be grateful..and pray for the strength to do it. God will provide a way.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


What more can I say? 4 children, all under 6. Never ending. Never stopping. Run, run, run. Changed 3 dirty diapers, mopped the floor 3 times, washed off the couch 4 times, helped search for a harrow (a plow on the back of a tractor) on the internet, fed the baby 6 times.....sound familiar? No wonder there was a talk by Elder Packer (,5232,23-1-851-37,00.html) about young mothers and how we should cope. Live IN the moment he says. Yet, that is so hard to do! My favorite part of the day is when the children are all asleep. If I had half the energy of my two year old, Boston, think of all the things I could accomplish! And, I'd be so fit! So... to all the young mothers of Boston's out there or who might ever read this post....carry on, carry on, carry on!